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20.01.2012 Rallye Video

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29.10.2011 Rallye Sponsoring

Das K&L Rallye Team mit Robert Stöber und Thomas Wölfel ist Gesamtsieger der DRS 2011

01.05.2011 WebcamCover.de

Die K&L Group unterstützt als Investor und Rechteinhaber ein neues Produkt auf dem deutschen Sicherheitsmarkt.

01.03.2011 Rallye Sponsoring

Die K&L GmbH startet mit dem Rallye Team Emotions, als neuer Hauptsponsor, in die Saison 2011.


Reliable logistics on the highest level.

Save time and money – Let us take care of your transports and know them to be in the best possible hands.

With the advancement of globalization and the increase of interconnections, an optimal coordination of the merchandise flow becomes increasingly important, but also more complex. Who does not wish to be left behind relies on the logistics services of the K&L Group.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can detect difficulties swiftly and solve them accordingly. Our constant interaction with colleagues ensures that we are promptly informed about changing traffic routing, parking restrictions, and other possible complications.

The K&L Group will personally take care of you. We offer you customized solutions.

Effective logistics are quick, flexible, and reliable. Therefore, complex operations must be managed appropriately. Luckily, our customer friendly IT makes this possible at all times. Furthermore, we provide necessary backup resources so that, in case of an unpredictable event, your merchandise can still be punctually delivered to where it is required.

 Our ranges of services cover everything from simple tasks to taking over complete parts of the logistical supply-chain management.