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20.01.2012 Rallye Video

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29.10.2011 Rallye Sponsoring

Das K&L Rallye Team mit Robert Stöber und Thomas Wölfel ist Gesamtsieger der DRS 2011

01.05.2011 WebcamCover.de

Die K&L Group unterstützt als Investor und Rechteinhaber ein neues Produkt auf dem deutschen Sicherheitsmarkt.

01.03.2011 Rallye Sponsoring

Die K&L GmbH startet mit dem Rallye Team Emotions, als neuer Hauptsponsor, in die Saison 2011.

Temporary Employment

We will find the employees that meet your requirements exactly!

The K&L Group efficiently supports you with assigning positions in your company.

We find the people who convince you of their skills. You thereby save valuable time that would be lost when looking for new co-workers, which allows you to concentrate fully on your actual core business.

With the right combination of permanent and temporary staff, you will always be more flexible, more effective, and more efficient than with only your own personnel reserves. The solutions our reliable employees provide you with are always constructed to fit your individual needs perfectly. This guarantees smooth operating procedures, thus consolidating the satisfaction of your customers.
With us as your partner, you only pay for actual arisen work and therefore save costs on health insurance, vacation pay, long term care insurance, sick pay, pension insurance, unemployment insurance, Christmas bonus, and high severance pay.
The K&L Group stands for commitment, technical know-how, as well as the skillset of both staff and management.
For us, quality is a priority. So, in order to systematically continue the optimization of working processes, we monitor them constantly. Our individual personnel solutions are directly based on your necessities.

We will gladly take care of your staff management so you can concentrate on more important matters.