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20.01.2012 Rallye Video

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29.10.2011 Rallye Sponsoring

Das K&L Rallye Team mit Robert Stöber und Thomas Wölfel ist Gesamtsieger der DRS 2011

01.05.2011 WebcamCover.de

Die K&L Group unterstützt als Investor und Rechteinhaber ein neues Produkt auf dem deutschen Sicherheitsmarkt.

01.03.2011 Rallye Sponsoring

Die K&L GmbH startet mit dem Rallye Team Emotions, als neuer Hauptsponsor, in die Saison 2011.

Welcome to the K&L Group – the address for personnel services, business process outsourcing, temporary employment, logistics, and innovation. As part of our personnel transfer service for logistical activities and production, we especially allocate:

  • Order Selectors,
  • Packers,
  • Production help,
  • Forklift operators (with and without license for load securing),
  • High rack stacker operators and co-workers with data processing skills.

Furthermore, the K&L Group is a committed investor in a new top-quality product for combatting virtual espionage.

Please, come get to know us. We have a lot to offer you.

The K&L GmbH supports a revolutionarily product that offers an efficient and target-oriented means against computer-related crime and virtual espionage. The product was developed by the student of computer sciences Markus Schaarschmidt: WebcamCover.de.

At the moment, the start-up project ‘WebcamCover’ is the most innovative option to protect oneself from industrial spies and so-called peeping Toms, who misuse others’ webcams for their own purposes. The product was successfully introduced into the security market mid-May of 2011.

Unique in design, material, and function, the sight protection unit for private and corporate use proves to be an individual and inexpensive solution to the espionage problem.
First a magnetic ring is placed around the webcam.  Then a small metal plate can be put onto the magnetic ring and over the lens, thus preventing unwanted viewers from accessing the now protected webcam. If required, the sight protection unit can be easily removed and reattached. The metal plate is merely 1 mm thick and is available in the diameters of 10 mm and 15 mm. Of course, the unit can be removed without leaving residue or any kind of damage to the camera or computer monitor.. WebcamCover.de


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