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20.01.2012 Rallye Video

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29.10.2011 Rallye Sponsoring

Das K&L Rallye Team mit Robert Stöber und Thomas Wölfel ist Gesamtsieger der DRS 2011

01.05.2011 WebcamCover.de

Die K&L Group unterstützt als Investor und Rechteinhaber ein neues Produkt auf dem deutschen Sicherheitsmarkt.

01.03.2011 Rallye Sponsoring

Die K&L GmbH startet mit dem Rallye Team Emotions, als neuer Hauptsponsor, in die Saison 2011.


The commercial success of a company providing services is dependent on the skill and dedication of its employees.

That is why the K&L Group regularly invests in advancing their employee’s training and continuing their professional education. In order to increase our economic success, we are always looking for fresh qualified experts and executive staff, as well as new subcontractors, so that we can integrate and permanently bind them to our company.

With the help of the K&L Group, the costs of your project are easier to calculate, your flexibility is increased, and the risks during harsh times are reduced considerably.