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20.01.2012 Rallye Video

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29.10.2011 Rallye Sponsoring

Das K&L Rallye Team mit Robert Stöber und Thomas Wölfel ist Gesamtsieger der DRS 2011

01.05.2011 WebcamCover.de

Die K&L Group unterstützt als Investor und Rechteinhaber ein neues Produkt auf dem deutschen Sicherheitsmarkt.

01.03.2011 Rallye Sponsoring

Die K&L GmbH startet mit dem Rallye Team Emotions, als neuer Hauptsponsor, in die Saison 2011.

About us

„The employees and the management of the K&L Group are very dedicated and fully committed to always support customers professionally, efficiently, and economically in order to help them save costs.”

The company “K & L GmbH” was founded in 2007. Its registered seat is in Aschaffenburg’s Bayernhafen (Aschaffenburg’s harbor in the Southern Industrial District). The company prides itself to be a reliable contracting partner in all service aspects concerning logistics.
Part of manager Ivan Landman’s philosophy is to make recurring operations effective, cheap, and, what’s most important, flexible. The optimization process is realized by his current team, consisting of 50 employees and 20 commercial sub-contractors. Their goal is to “make the impossible possible”. To ensure that the customer’s internal processes aren’t unnecessarily delayed or costly, various tasks that would otherwise distract the attention of our customer’s employees from their main tasks are taken over by our firm. Among these tasks are:

  • Contract Logistics, Wahrehouse Logistics, Transport Logistics, Manufacturing Logistics, Outbound Logistics, Intralogistic
  • In-plant Transport
  • Outsourcing Projects
  • Dispatch of Goods
  • Product Testing and Handling
  • Storage and Order Picking

In times of globalization and Europeanization it becomes more and more evident that one must concentrate solely on his actual business and completely pass along the processing tasks to external parties. This on the one hand keeps the company leaner in its organization and structure, and on the other hand makes it more resourceful against competition, as well as less vulnerable to crisis.

The K&L Group offers experience, logistics know-how, and of course the compilation of individually fitted concepts. The latter of course are constructed in terms of specific and realizable rationalization proposals for the company’s internal processes and related costs.

As part of our personnel transfer service for production and logistics services, the K&L Group acts as an agent, especially for order selectors, packers, production help, forklift operators (with and without license for load securing), high rack stacker operators, and co-workers with data processing skills.
“All staff is audited in detail before employment. During their assignments, they are professionally supervised and rated. Furthermore, we assure our workers have had a proper apprenticeship and receive advanced training, along with detailed information about their job specifications and the range of tasks”, says the Uzbek born Mainfrank.  The former transport-businessman and certified specialist also adds: “When cooperating with us, our customers’ profit from the thereby gained flexibility and simultaneous reduction of own dependencies and risks.”

The employees arrange for a timely scheduled realization of assignments. A long-term cooperation has the additional benefit that qualified personnel would already be familiar with internal operating sequences. These can then be handled just in time and diligently. It should also be noted that the labor turnover rate is astoundingly low.

Transport logistics up to 3,5 tons, such as special tours, courier trips, and plant-to-plant transports are taken over personally. If transports exceed 3,5 tons, manager Ivan Landsman relies on a multiple number of well-established middle classed companies. Our partnerships with these regionally based firms are designed to be long term. Groupage traffic, combined cargo from house to house, as well as long bulky piece goods can be delivered within 24 or 48 hours, nationally and internationally within Europe. Of course, transports to countries not belonging to the EU are also handled by experienced specialists. This ensures that export goods are always in great care when entrusted to the K&L Logistik GmbH.

“We are very proud of the fact that, in the past business year, we have managed to overcome the 2009 financial crisis and its correlating decrease of assignments without taking out any additional loans. Our employees are paid above the general pay scale. This of course increases our workers’ motivation incredibly, which, in turn, increases productivity and leads to outstanding results.” The profits of the first quarter of 2011 alone have been over 120 percent more than compared to all of last year’s profits. One of the reasons for our success is the guaranteed personal assistance of the management should the need arise. Every customer can always contact company director and co-founder Konstantin Kaljuschni, as well as the managing director directly.

The next step is to gain further clients in addition to the already established ones (three major and two medium sized companies). The goal is to expand thoughtfully by taking over smaller and middle classed companies, or buying shares of those companies. For the year 2011 the “Frank by choice” is aiming for revenue of over a million euro.

Not long ago, the K&L Group entered the motor sports business. For the season of the Deutsche Rallyeserie (German Rally Season) that starts mid-May, the K&L Group will be supporting the race driver Robert Stöber, who lived in the “Bavarian Nice” for over six years, as the main sponsor. Together, Robert and his chief executive Konstantin Kaljuschni finished their apprenticeship as motor mechanics at MAN in Aschaffenburg.